Driving Healthcare Innovations

SparkHealth offers and provides:

Healthcare Providers and Payers- advisory and consulting services. The advisory and consulting service are focused on the role, usage and implementation of data driven applications, workflows and systems.

Innovative Technology Companies - strategic and business advice.

SparkHealth offers our Technology Members the unique opportunity to become a part of an eco-system of companies that provide an open, data-driven platform for healthcare providers.

We offer the latest insights into
  1. New services and products that increase the quality of healthcare and make it more efficient.
  2. Special focus on the digital transformation in healthcare to make data easily accessible for data-driven decision making.

Workshops and Courses

Offer the latest insights into the disruptive technologies, their innovators and their roles in the healthcare eco-system

  1. Identify key bottlenecks faced by decision makers in healthcare through personal interviews and discussions.
  2. Present and analyse the latest innovations in Healthcare.
  3. Get an overview of happenings and events that highlight the worldwide changes in the industry.
  4. Help position products and companies within the healthcare eco-system through dedicated presence in our information network.

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CURRENT ISSUE IN FOCUS: Data compliance and GDPR in healthcare

  1. Tackle risk, compliance and security issues in healthcare faced by decision makers
  2. Start now! Become GDPR compliant
  3. Stay current in the role of data usage in healthcare

CURRENT ISSUE IN FOCUS: Leadership and innovation drives in healthcare

  1. Tackle the leadership challenge faced by decision makers in healthcare - create fluidity in real-time decision making
  2. Understand the individual and group drives essential for bringing AI and biodata innovations to healthcare through personal and core-team profile assessments
  3. Identify the pitfalls and solutions to create and maintain sustainable collaborations in a dynamic innovations network

CURRENT ISSUE IN FOCUS: Impact of AI and VR visualization in healthcare

  1. Tackle the environment of pattern recognition and insight building through real-time assessment of biodata and visualization of processes
  2. Develop the ability to handle state-of-the-art VR visualization tools in combining various healthcare and medical and patient data.
  3. Stay current in the role of pattern-recognition and visualization best practices in healthcare.
For healthcare institutes and companies

  1. Build roadmaps and business models
  2. Special focus on the following regions - EU, USA, India
  3. Find partners and entry points into healthcare (especially for product companies)
  4. Function as distributors
  5. Consultancy services to various actors in healthcare: private / public / research institutes aiming to connect with the right vendors / products / partners to solve the data-related issues.